Tourism Gives Back

For our 2023 Tourism Gives Back Initiative, we’re thrilled to partner with the Cover 1 Foundation.

The Cover 1 Foundation

Our Mission: The Cover 1 Foundation is a nonprofit 501c3 whose purpose is to provide resources and volunteer assistance to underserved organizations and individuals involved in athletics in Central Virginia.

Our Values: The Cover 1 Foundation recognizes the significant impact athletics can play in opening doors and changing lives for our youth. But we are also keenly aware of the role that resources and opportunities can play to help an athlete or an organization reach their full potential, and that many times those resources can be limited or nonexistent. So, the Cover 1 Foundation was created to “level the playing field” for individuals and organizations by providing the resources and volunteer assistance where they are needed the most in the community…. similar to the way safety provides help where it is needed in a Cover 1 defense.

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