Robyn "Jam" Anderson Headshot

Robyn "Jam" Anderson

AI Team Training and Custom AI For Business

Robyn “Jam” Anderson is the visionary CEO of Jam AI, pioneering the integration of artificial intelligence into sales and marketing strategies. With over 20 years of experience driving success through traditional methods, Jam recognized AI’s immense potential and immersed herself in mastering this cutting-edge technology.

Today, she is a trailblazer bridging the gap between AI’s advanced capabilities and the practical needs of business leaders, entrepreneurs, and marketing professionals. Jam’s rare ability to simplify complex technical concepts has made her a sought-after speaker and trusted guide in the industry.

Her engaging presence, extensive expertise, and real-world business acumen enable her to equip audiences with invaluable, actionable strategies for using Ai in their day to day tasks. From creating Ai methods for prospecting to creating Ai solutions for marketing needs Robyn illustrates how AI can be seamlessly integrated as a catalyst for productivity and innovation.

As a mom of two with a busy schedule, Jam intimately understands the challenges of work-life balance. Her personal journey implementing AI as a time-management solution fuels her passion for empowering others to leverage this technology and reclaim time for what truly matters most.

Under Jams visionary leadership, Jam Ai offers a program called The Ai Club Society, an on-demand training and an Ai platform that is easy to use for any business role. Join Jam to understand the world of possibilities at the intersection of artificial intelligence and modern sales/marketing mastery.

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