Michael Valach

One paddle session changed his life.

Michael was first introduced to Stand Up Paddling (SUP) in September 2010 with an introduction to the sport from Ben over at Stand-Up Annapolis at Deep Creek Lake in Maryland. After that very first session, Michael instantly became hooked on the sport and there was no turning back. From that day on, Michael has constantly been on the search for new bodies of water to paddle!

After 36 years in the ski and resort industry, developing leading adventure-based operations and resort operational excellence, Michael decided to follow his passion for paddle boarding & adventure sports and head home to Virginia to start a business. Mountain 2 Island was born!

Michael’s goal is to share his love and passion for the sport of Stand-Up Paddle boarding and water sports with everyone in Southwest Virginia. Mountain 2 Island wants others to experience the fun, freedom, and adventure that comes from paddling or boating on an open body of water or enjoying a day on the lake.

No matter if you are a beginner looking to learn the sport, or a seasoned expert looking for a new adventure – Mountain 2 Island has something for paddlers and water sports adventure seekers everywhere.

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