James Warren

James Warren empowers people and brands to share their stories with the world and believes the stories we crave and the stories we long to share come from a place of authenticity, courage and curiosity.

For more than 20 years, James has nurtured a personal passion for storytelling. Early on, he demonstrated a strong desire to tell stories, and during his time in Columbia University’s Creative Writing Program, he finally began writing in earnest. In 2005, he started exploring the space between publishing and technology with the Digital Book Project, an experiment in online novel writing.

During the same time, James also led various CPG brand management and business development efforts at Altria Group, including a number of new brand and new product introductions. At Altria, he gained a wealth of experience in building brand and marketing platforms, leading sales and business development, and honing his communication and engagement skills. Through those experiences, he realized that he absolutely loves the challenge of building businesses, brands and organizations.

After a successful corporate marketing career, James took the plunge and started Share More Stories in the summer of 2014, finally uniting a passion for stories with a love of entrepreneurship. Share More Stories helps innovative companies understand, align and connect with consumers, employees and communities through our unique storytelling insights methodology.

In his role at JMI, James helps companies and organizations grow through insightful and compelling brand strategies. He believes one of the best ways to strengthen brand relationships with customer, employee and stakeholder communities is through authentic, shared storytelling. He’s always looking for a good story to share.

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