Becky Nave

Becky Nave serves as the Senior Destination Development Specialist for the Blue Ridge Highlands and Heart of Appalachia regions of Southwest Virginia. Becky works with tourism industry partners to facilitate the development of community-based tourism programs, new products, and tourism-related businesses. She is responsible for providing strategic tourism planning, technical assistance, product development guidance, cooperative marketing advice, and consulting services to communities in Southwest Virginia.

Formerly, Becky worked at the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development, where she served as Director of Public Relations and Marketing for the Southwest Virginia Cultural Heritage Foundation. She helped to promote cultural heritage organizations like The Crooked Road, ‘Round the Mountain, Southwest Virginia’s Outdoors, and was the leader in the development of the regional branding of Southwest Virginia.

Becky serves on the Bristol Virginia City Council. She has over 20 years of experience in community economic and tourism development.   She is a graduate of King University with a Bachelor of Business Administration.

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