Telling Powerful Heritage Through Music, sponsored by BMI

Join us for an entertaining session exploring the place where music and storytelling meet. Our conference emcee, Kelli Lemon, who proudly wears the moniker Social Entrepreneur, and Crys Mathews, the self-described ‘poster-child for intersectionality,’ will sit down for a conversation and some live music. Kelli will bring her energetic interviewing style you may know and love from her “Coffee with Strangers” podcast to the session, and Crys will share how she’s using her voice to be “a drum major for justice”. You’ll walk away knowing more about the power of music, how storytelling and social justice connect, and having enjoyed shared time with two creative powerhouses.

Location: Date: November 18, 2019 Time: 4:30 pm - 5:15 pm Kelli Lemon Crys Matthews Dan Spears