Pre-Conference Digital & Content Marketing Workshop with VTC, Sponsored by VistaGraphics

Digital & Content Marketing Pre-Conference Workshop, presented by VistaGraphics

Research shows that consumers spend 8.7 billion minutes viewing digital travel content every year. This pre-conference workshop is designed to help enhance your ability to create eye-catching, engaging content that can make a major impact for your destination. VTC’s experts in digital marketing, content creation and social media will share best practices and key takeaways to help you create a winning digital marketing strategy and attract more travelers through powerful storytelling.

Part One: The Numbers Behind the Story

  • SEO: The (search) elephant in the room
  • Analytics, Search, and Ads (oh my): Managing your Google-sphere
  • E-mail Marketing: Trends, techniques and best practices
  • Reporting: Failing, succeeding, and “falling with style”

Part Two: Creating and Curating Impactful Content

  • Photography and Video: Best practices on capturing engaging assets
  • Organizing Content: Identifying tools and tips to manage and organize your digital assets
  • Content Calendars: The importance of planning and scheduling ahead of time
  • Creating Engaging Content: How to create thumb-stopping content to catch the traveler’s attention

Part Three: How to Tell Your Story – Distribution and Execution

  • Execution and Distribution: When, where and how to distribute your best content
  • Reaching Your Key Audience: The ins and outs of targeting, boosting, and dark posts on social media
  • The Resurgence of Email Marketing: Why email could be one of your most powerful tools
  • Social Media Trends: The Future of Facebook, the rise of Instagram, emerging social platforms and more

Designed to help enhance your ability to create great content, VTC’s Pre-Conference Digital & Content Marketing Workshop at the 2019 VA-1 Tourism Summit includes concise, interactive sessions that will provide unique insights and actionable items applicable to your everyday responsibilities.

Additional Registration Required — $95

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This session is sponsored by VistaGraphics, Inc.

Pre-Con Workshop
Location: Date: November 18, 2019 Time: 8:00 am - 11:00 am Sarah Hauser Tricia Keppel Tom Kirk Taylor Paul Ryan Trapp Ali Zaman Ali Zaman