Monday Super Sessions, Part 2: Small Budget/Big Results, sponsored by Outfront Media

No destination has enough dollars in their budget. But what if you ONLY HAVE a small budget? Can you compete and grow? The answer is YES! Hear powerful stories how destinations have leveraged their limited dollars through innovative partnerships and creative programs.

This session will include a panel discussion with case studies. Our panel members will each speak about how they have used their limited budgets to get a big impact, including details on who they partnered with, how they moved their projects forward, and the results. The session will get participants thinking about ways to implement similar plans and projects in their local area. The interactive session will allow for discussion and dialogue between our panelists and attendees.

On the panel (as of 8/23/19):

Steve Galyean (Moderator) Planning & Partnerships Director, Virginia Tourism Corporation. Steve will lead our panel and will lend his expertise from his time at VTC along with his DMO experience.

Susan Cockrell, Town Manager, Kilmarnock, Virginia. Susan will talk about a regional partnership among two counties and the town of Kilmarnock, which worked together to form Virginia’s River Realm, as well as how the partners are leveraging their limited dollars in a fun and creative way to increase visitation.

Ken Heath, Director of Community and Economic Development, Marion, Virginia. Ken will speak about how Marion created innovative programs that encouraged entrepreneurial development, revitalized their downtown, and focused on their local heritage.

Victoria Mottesheard, Regional Marketing Director, OUTFRONT Media. With travel and tourism one of OUTFRONT’s top categories, Victoria’s expertise spans research based strategy, media amplification, and client success.

DMO Best Practices Monday Breakout | 2nd Session
Location: Date: November 18, 2019 Time: 3:15 pm - 4:15 pm Susan Cockrell Steve Galyean Ken Heath Victoria Mottesheard