2023 VA-1 Content Workshop – A Content Journey

This year’s pre-conference workshop will be all about developing online (mostly) content, including reusable, engaging, and vibrant visual and written media to bring your location or attraction to life and attract visitors’ interest.

VTC will be providing step-by-step actionable techniques and advice for everything from how to use AI to assist with and not replace your writing, to using and wrangling influencers to promote your product.

We’ll cover the following topics along the Content Journey – from idea to execution:

  • Research – goal and objective setting, KPI development, audience personas, what and why to measure
  • Content Audit – figuring out what you need and what you’re missing for your campaign/project
  • Creating Content – filling gaps, repurposing old content, determining what works, balancing expectations and staff time, finding the best time-savers like generative AI, developing a content calendar and cadence, visual storytelling
  • Putting it Out There – social media, paid vs.organic, how to choose the best platform for your audience, niche platforms, influencers that fit your budget and needs, are you stretched to thin and how do you pick the best medium for you (email, web, social, podcasts, umm…print)?
  • Demonstrating Results – analytics, what is a win for my organization, reporting to different stakeholders, how deep do you go?, agency partners and heavy lifting, time savers, dashboards

Attendees from last year’s session said “Give us actionable stuff”! So we’re planning to do just that. You’ll be taking home ideas that will not only make you think but help you prepare for the next big campaign the boss rolls your way.

Location: Date: November 13, 2023 Time: 9:00 am - 11:00 am