The Virginia Tourism Corporation (VTC), the Virginia Restaurant Lodging and Travel Association (VRLTA), and the Virginia Association of DMOs (VADMO) are looking forward to hosting the 2021 VA1 Tourism Summit in-person in Leesburg, Virginia, November 14-16. The organizations are aware of the growing concern over the Delta variant and the changing guidelines within jurisdictions. To hold a successful in-person event, we are considering the health and safety of all staff and attendees. VTC, VRLTA and VADMO will continue to monitor the COVID-19 numbers with an eye on a safe event. We ask that anyone experiencing symptoms stay home. We also encourage those who feel comfortable wearing face coverings to do so during the event. Thank you for your consideration of your fellow attendees.

Registrants should contact us with questions or concerns about the precautions.

VTC, VRLTA and VADMO staff are also actively monitoring COVID-19 infection rates and closely observing changes to COVID protocols from the CDC, the state of Virginia, the city of Leesburg, and The National Conference Center.


The following information is provided by The National Conference Center, our host location for the Summit.

At The National Conference Center, the safety and well-being of our guests and employees is always our top priority. In following the guidelines provided by the public health authorities and the state of Virginia, we’ve implemented rigorous cleaning procedures and other best practices. We’ve taken the following proactive measures to ensure your safety.



As a result of Virginia’s most recent COVID-19 update, social distancing and capacity restrictions will no longer be in effect.


Our Food & Beverage program has been modified to allow our guests to enjoy the offerings in a safe manner.  Full service offerings have resumed in our guest dining room, break stations, and at private catered events.


All dining outlets have implemented a sanitation cycle that covers all frequently touched surfaces. In addition, frequently touched surfaces throughout the property are continuously sanitized by our housekeeping staff.

The classroom space will also undergo the same heightened sanitation practices that the rest of the building is undergoing

We have reduced commonly touched and exposed items as much as possible and have incorporated one-touch dispensers for commonly used disposable

Sanitizer products are prevalent and available for guest use throughout the property. This includes over 240 upright hand sanitizer stations.  Sanitizing stations are also available in all food outlets and classroom space.


Our housekeeping staff has been trained to fully sanitize each guest room prior to arrival and also each day of your stay. This is being done by using an EPA-approved hydrogen peroxide-based cleaning system in each guest room in addition to wiping down commonly touched surfaces.


We’ve conducted post-COVID-19 training courses for every employee on the property. Sanitation, new procedures, and general information about the Coronavirus are the main focuses of the training course.


Guests and visitors of The National will no longer be required to wears masks for fully vaccinated individuals.  The National does encourage masks to be worn while in public spaces out of respect for those who are not vaccinated and those who choose to continue to wear masks.

Your well-being is our top priority

The National is committed to implementing safe and thorough precautions to ensure the safety and well-being of each guest on the property. We understand our role and responsibility and stand ready to assist you, your team and your organization as we all come together to get safely to the other side. In addition to our meeting safety precautions:

  • Our management team meets to discuss updates and changes relating to the COVID-19 outbreak. We’re closely following all guidelines and new information provided by the CDC, WHO, and local health officials.
  • Over 240 desktop and standing disinfectant hand sanitizers have been placed throughout the facility.
  • We have enacted substantial cleaning and sanitizing procedures of our entire facility. Our staff diligently sanitizes our public areas with high-grade disinfectants multiple times per day.

For more information on COVID-19, please visit:

Virginia Department of Health

Center for Disease Control

World Health Organization